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Tiffany Welch

Project Manager

Tiffany manages the technical aspect of the grant management process, from setup of the software to reporting as well as managing relationships with IT vendors.  She also handles program officer duties, working with grantees and program leads, as well as managing certain grants.

Tiffany has been in the nonprofit world for more than 20 years. She has worked in the aging-related space for the last seven years and has witnessed the growth of technology within the grant management process. She now serves as an expert in how to select the most innovative IT systems to maximize the effects of the organization.

She is thrilled to play a role in multi-generational reach through the work of NextFifty Initiative. Her community-focused passion merges tech, innovation and long-term positive impact.

Tiffany grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado and earned her B.A. in Communications from CU. She is married and has two school-aged daughters. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and being outside with family: hiking, skiing, camping and trail running. She also enjoys volunteering at her kids’ schools and serves on the PTA Board.