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NextFifty Initiative is proud to boast a team of forward-thinking, passionate people, destined to help you change the preconceived stigma of aging and transform history.

There has never been a better time to focus on issues of aging. Humankind has made so much progress that a child born in the United States today can expect to live into his or her early 80s. Similarly, a man who is 65 years old today has nearly a one in three chance of living another 22 years.

These are remarkable statistics. They herald great possibilities. How would you conduct your life if you knew you would live to be 85? To be 100? What would you do differently? These are questions we should ponder - as individuals, as communities and as a nation.

That is where NextFifty Initiative comes in. Our mission is to improve the experience of aging so that individuals, communities and the nation can benefit as our citizens live longer, healthier lives. We expect to probe the many dimensions of aging from community life, to health and wellness, to neuroscience, to innovations in technology design that will enhance the aging experience.

We are a new foundation that will be funding ideas, programs and concepts that enhance the ability of the aging population to stay engaged and highly functional within their communities. We are delighted to be located in Colorado – a beautiful state, consistently ranked among the healthiest states in the nation. Here, interest is high and there is recognition that what we build today will improve quality of life for generations to come.

NextFifty Initiative is on the threshold of launching its funding strategy. The Board of Trustees and the Management Team are in the midst of creating an infrastructure that will support funding priorities, leverage existing resources and help to advance newly developed resources to create a better place to age. We believe that the work we do with our funding partners will positively impact not only Colorado, but the nation. We invite you to partner with us on this journey. Follow our progress, share our name, take an interest. Bookmark our website and follow along as NextFifty Initiative takes form and launches. It will be exciting – a future to look forward to.

Margaret Franckhauser, MS, MPH President and CEO